Summerland Recreation

Bottleneck Drive Wine Route

Summerland is like a fine BC wine, and the Bottleneck Drive Wine Route lets wine lovers taste the fruits of this vintage 1906 community. Three wineries near Summerland Ornamental Gardens, the Summerland Agriculture Research Station and Powell Beach make-up the route’s base. Here, one may tour and taste wines while enjoying spectacular views of Trout Creek Canyon or Lake Okanagan. Three more wineries await as one travels up the wine route’s body parallel to the Kettle Valley Steam Railway; visitors may then sample and sip Okanagan wines in the shadows of Giant’s Head Mountain Park before flowing to the bottleneck’s shoulder. After buying a vinegar or organic wine, wine explorers can then pour along to the top of the wine route, where the bottleneck ends. Three wineries provide one final opportunity for wine adventurers to uncork a bottle of fine Summerland wine before continuing on to Kelowna. Bottleneck Drive overlaps with another very important route, the alley of fruit stands, that line Highway 97 as it winds through Summerland: fresh fruits, jams and other products can be purchased.

Kettle Valley Steam Railway (KVSR)

A ride on the Kettle Valley Steam Railway (KVSR) is a throw-back to a time before Summerland’s visitors could travel the Bottleneck Drive wine route or alley of fruitstands. The Summerland Museum has chronicled how the railway almost missed Summerland back in the 19th Century; but a steam locomotive ride over Trout Creek Canyon is the only way for one to appreciate how hard it was to build. The 600 or so kilometres of Kettle Valley Steam Railway tracks were once an important route for transporting goods and people from the BC Interior to the West Coast. Today, the Kettle Valley Steam Railway travels on a ten-mile section of tracks that have not been converted into hiking and biking trails. Passengers ride the rails in a restored, open-air, 1912 steam locomotive for 90-minutes: from Prairie Valley, to the Trout Creek Trestle Bridge by Summerland Ornamental Gardens, and back.

Walking, Hiking, Biking, Horseback Riding Trails

Walkers, bikers, hikers, and horseback riders may prefer seeing Summerland via its network of recreational trails rather than traveling other routes: the Bottleneck Drive wine route, alley of fruit stands or Kettle Valley Steam Railway. Summerland’s trails provide wonderful views of Lake Okanagan, the town of Summerland and several points of interest in the Okanagan Valley; they also pass-by the Summerland Trout Hatchery and Summerland Ornamental Gardens. These trails provide outdoor recreation-lovers with lots of options for how to spend an hour or one full-day in Summerland: walk the Lakeshore Loop along the beach, then have a picnic; hike or horseback ride the Trans Canada Trail; or climb the Confederation and Centennial trails to Giant’s Head Mountain Park. The Kettle Valley Rail Trail can be accessed at Summerland: the mid-point of a 455-kilometre stretch of recreational trails that stretch from the Kootenay Region to the Okanagan Valley. On their trek of Summerland’s trails, walkers, hikers, bikers, and horseback riders may be accompanied by wildlife, stunning lake and mountain views and other sightseers.