Summerland Culture

Summerland Museum

Summerland's Olde English charm reveals only a tiny slice of it’s history, and the time capsule on Giant’s Head Mountain Park isn’t to be opened until the mid-21st Century. English Tudor-style homes in the downtown core don't tell of Summerland’s beginnings as a cattle ranching community or 19th-Century hotel fire. Students of history must visit the Summerland Museum to learn what strolling the streets can’t teach: how Summerland became a ‘fruit basket’, what caused the downtown to move away from Lake Okanagan and why the Kettle Valley Steam Railway (KVSR) almost never reached Summerland. Tent houses, wooden fruit boxes and sternwheeler boats are pieces of Summerland’s past that may be fully explored at the museum. Murals, model displays and life-size exhibits also help visitors to understand more about Trout Creek Canyon, the Summerland Trout Hatchery and why Summerland remains a centre of fruit-growing innovation. The museum also offers walking tours that visit important Summerland sites such as Barclay Ranch House and 'Millionaire's Row'.