Summerland Agri-Tours

Alley of Fruit

An ‘Alley of Fruit’ overlaps the Bottleneck Drive winery route through Summerland in the form of 3 fruit stands, 3 working farms and a weekly farmer’s market. The alley may be entered on Highway 97 not far from where Trout Creek meets Lake Okanagan: East of where fruits are food for a wide selection of jams, jellies and homemade products that can be sampled and bought. Further-up the alley, one may stop to tour an orchard, pick-up fresh fruit and then sip Merlot, Chardonnay or Syrah at a local winery. Two other fruit stands, where the bottleneck’s body meets neck on Highway 97, sell homemade baked goods, fresh fruit and locally-made crafts; an orchard tour is also possible. Not far North of here, wine lovers may sit and drink a toast to Okanagan fruit from an elegant wineglass filled with Summerland wine. Both the Bottleneck Drive wine route and Alley of Fruit end as Highway 97 leaves Summerland, winding North along Lake Okanagan towards Kelowna. One of the wineries here offers a wide selection of innovative wines; the other is well-known for heli-wine tours. Legs may be stretched by taking a slight detour to a local family farm before leaving Summerland for good: taking a climb on the world’s tallest orchard ladder and picking fresh fruit from the tree. Whether it’s for wine or jam, icewine or syrup, the fruits of Summerland’s labours may be explored at once on a tour of Bottleneck Drive and the Alley of Fruit.

Summerland Trout Hatchery

Families can stop at the Summerland Trout Hatchery while on a scenic walk along the Lakeshore Loop recreational trail that winds North of Summerland by Crescent Beach. Visitors to the hatchery may take a tour, watch live fish and play fun and interactive games. The fish hatched here every year are destined for about 260 different lakes in the Okanagan, Thompson/Nicola and West Kootenay regions. The hatchery is located North of the Summerland Ornamental Gardens and where the Kettle Valley Steam Railway crosses Trout Creek Canyon.